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Nmap is a very powerful tool to discovering info regarding machines on a network or the web (internet). Nmap allow to prove a system with packets for detect all information / everything from the running services and details about open ports for the Operating System and Version of Software.


MASSCAN is similar tool of Nmap, it is Nmap on massive overdrive. MASSCAN can scan entire internet in 6 minute and provide reports. It is best network scanner we also can say word class network scanner. masscan uses a custom TCP/IP stack and can conflict with other tools. The installation of MASSCAN is easy and quick. The MASSCAN repo found here https://github.com/robertdavidgraham/masscan

os 1. ip =

os 2. ip =

ssh service start in os 2.


start apache service in os 2.

using nmap scan os 2 from os 1.

 using masscan scan os 2 form os 1.

 scan google.com using nmap in os 1

scan google.com using mass scan in os 1.

ping google.com. See the ip and using nmap scan that ip from os 1.

using masscan scan ip address from os 1.

now using masscan scan the all avilable host in that network And same thing do with nmap. 


In single IP address nmap is give good result but when we scan network then masscan performance is better than nmap.

NMap VS MASSCAN | Cybogram

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