Best Way to Crack WPS Pin | Cybogram

Best Way to Crack WPS Pin | Cybogram

Wi-Fi Protected Setup

WPS is a standard for network security, created for a secure wireless home network.

The WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) introduce by Wi-Fi Alliance in 2006, The main purpose of this protocol is to allow home users who know little of wireless security and may be intimidated by the all available security options to line up for WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access), in addition as making it easy to features new devices to an existing network without entering long passphrases. before the quality, several competing solutions were developed by different vendors to deal with the identical need.

December 2011, A major security flaw was revealed. Its Affects the wireless routers with WPS PIN feature, it is most recent models have automatically enabled by default. This flaw allows the remote attacker to recover the PIN of WPS in few Minutes and hour time with brute-force attack and The WPS PIN, WPA/WPA2 Key. Users are urged to show off the WPS PIN feature, although this could not be possible on some router models.

Why Wi-Fi Protected Setup Is Insecure

The Component of the WPS:

PIN: The router encompasses a eight-digit PIN that you just must enter on your devices to attach. It is not Check entire 8-digit PIN at once, The WPS security checks first four-digit and the last four digit differently not at same time.  For this the brute force attack is very easy to guess the combination of it. There are Only 11000 possible combination of Four-digit code, so it is very easily to Brute force to get First Four digits and the attacker can go for next four digit. Many consumer routers don’t day out after a wrong WPS PIN is provided, allowing attackers to guess over and another time. A WPS PIN will be brute-force in a couple of day. Anyone uses software the “Reaver” for cracking a WPS PIN.

Push-Button-Connect: Rather than entering a PIN or passphrase, you’ll simply push a physical button on the router after trying to attach. (The button may be a software button on a setup screen.) this can be safer, as devices can only connect with this method for some minutes after the button is pressed or after one device connects. It won’t move and available to take advantage of all the time, as a WPS PIN is. Push-button-connect seems largely secure, with the sole vulnerability being that anyone with physical access to the router could push the button and connect, whether or not they didn’t know the Wi-Fi passphrase.

Tool used for cracking WPS PIN


#git clone

#cd airgeddon

~/airgeddon/# bash

Select Interface to work with:

Select Second option Put interface in monitor mode for putting adapter in monitor mode.

Select option for attack:

then select 8. WPS attacks menu

Select option for which attack on WPS (Router)

After opened WPS attacks menu, we have to select 7. Option bully pixie attack to attack target.

Enter BSSID, Channel, Timeout value and path:

Then we already selected interface and putted in monitor mode.

Then select target by type target bssid.

Then set channel, and type timeout time (value in seconds).

If we want to save password in text file to particular path then type particular path else      it stores on default path.

Then press enter.

WPS bully pixie dust attack started:

The process is running for cracking the pin.

A Pixie-Dust attack works by brute forcing the key for a protocol called WPS. WPS is a easy process to access a router it is also for attacker.

A Wi-Fi Protected Setup Pin is the 8-digit PSKs or Pre-Shared Keys. Each key has half the PIN.

To Understand how the attack Pixie Dust works You will require to understand how the requests to Access Point Work:

We successfully cracked the WPS pin.

There’s the password! This type of attack would not work on all router, but it is more effective from a Brute force attack. Pixie Dust: maximum 30 minutes vs Brute Force: minutes to DAYS

Best Way to Crack WPS Pin | Cybogram

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